Why this blog exists.

Hey! I should stipulate, initially, that this blog isn’t about Clayton Blaha. I don’t think I’m particularly special, and I’m certainly not important. As evidenced by the picture above, I’m far from photogenic and I don’t fancy myself interesting, even. I just needed a place to post links to and images of projects I am working on or have already completed. Not for my sake personally, but for the sake of my professional endeavors. In short, this blog isn’t about me, but rather what I’ve done for others and what I could potentially do for you. ClaytonBlaha.com is merely serving as a glass case in which I plan to display evidence of my own valid capabilities.

I throw parties and DJ at them. I do contract PR and Marketing. I write. I take pictures. Most of the time I get paid. Sometimes I don’t.  I involve myself almost exclusively with projects that somehow involve music, but I’d like to branch out into the realms of film and fashion.

Let’s build.